Community Outreach: Making an Impact

Many of GAP Solutions’ contracts with the Federal Government make a difference in the community and a difference in people’s lives.

Our Natural Resource Management Services provides stewardship of the nation’s fish, wildlife and habitat resources through consultation and research services. Our work with National Wildlife Refuges across the United States results in Habitat Management Plans (HMP’s) Environmental Assessments (EA’s) and Comprehensive Conservation Plans (CCP’s).

GAP Solutions’ Military and Family Support Services help service members cope with the significant changes that occur, before, during, and after deployment as they experience the realities of war. Our team assists with the planning, coordination and execution of events in support of Service members and their families throughout the deployment cycle, including reintegration efforts. As an increased number of veterans return home to the U.S., our team connects them and their families with Yellow Ribbon counseling and support programs, partnering with Military One Source, Army One Source, Military Family Life Consultants, Chaplains and local social service representatives.

Our Emergency Management experts help increase the capacity and resilience of communities and individuals to prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters. This includes the development and implementation of emergency preparedness exercises to prepare field responders for actual and simulated emergency events.

GAP Solutions’ employees are making a difference in the environment, the lives of service members their families, and public health, as well as our local community.