GAP Solutions, Inc. Acquisition

“Former Stanley execs launch new growth platform”
“Eric Wolking, Pat Flannery acquire GAP Solutions as first building block”
• By Mark Hoover
• Nov 07, 2013

    “No one can achieve success without taking a few chances along the way. For Eric Wolking, taking risks is something that has benefitted him throughout his career, and he expects to allow his newly inherited employees at GAP Solutions to do the same.
    Wolking, GAP CEO, together with his colleague and executive vice president of operations, Pat Flannery, just acquired the professional services firm, and are prepared to drive serious growth within the company while remaining committed to its employees and customers.
    “We knew that we were going to go out and find a company to acquire as a platform with the expectation that we were going to do a series of acquisitions fairly quickly, and that’s certainly the path that we’re headed down,” Wolking said.
    GAP Solutions specializes in program management and administrative support, emergency management, warehouse and logistics support, security and information management and natural resources management. Wolking and Flannery acquired the firm with backing from Bluestone Investment Partners.
    The two former Stanley Associates executives have 35 years of combined operational, strategic, business development and M&A experience, and are planning on taking what they’ve learned and applying it to today’s federal market…”

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